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  • Affordable, reliable water test kits that are simple and portable.
  • Our test kits can be used to conduct rapid water quality testing and identify safe drinking water according to WHO standards. 
  • Multi-stage filtration: Removes bacteria, sediments, particulates, organics, chlorine, colour and odour
  • Dual mode system: Toggle between clean water and tap water with a simple flick
  • Quick & easy installation: Set-up within a minute
  • Filter Check Window: Timely reminder from our filter check window to replace your filter
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with 98% of faucet taps
  • High flow rate: Fill your cup in as fast as 6 seconds*
  • Easy maintenance: Prolong the lifespan of your filter by sanding the cartridge weekly


Wateroam is a Singapore social enterprise founded in 2014. WaterRoam has developed a patented water filtration system that specified for disaster relief and rural development. 

The ROAMfilter Plus with a simple design like a bicycle pump can be used to filter contaminated water into drinkable water source by anyone, anytime and anywhere. With ultrafiltration ability which filters down to 0.02 micron, it helps to eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses in the water. No electricity required to power it which make it more than suitable for areas or regions that are having difficulties to access electricity and clean water.